Upcoming Trainings

We are specialised in identifying MacOS and iOS security vulnerabilities and we pass on this knowledge in training courses around the world. Our training courses usually last three to five days and are intensive courses discussing the security of the iOS and MacOS kernel or ARM64 exploitation. Since 2019 we also offer courses that focuses on iOS userland exploitation. In late 2021 we have added a course that is focusing on fuzzing iOS and MacOS userland with or without the help of M1 macs.

Due to the worldwide COVID19 pandemic and the rise of OMICRON all our courses are offered as online courses until further notice.

Below you can find a list of our upcoming security training courses. These courses are offered in two different timezones. One of the timings is more suitable for European and North American attendees and the other timing is more suitable for Asian trainees. In case the timing of these courses is not suitable for you please contact us anyway because we might have other trainees who share the same fate that could be grouped into an additional date.


2022-04-185 daysOnlineiOS 14/15 Userspace Exploitation Training
2022-05-235 daysOnlineMacOS and iOS Kernel Internals for Security Researchers Training
2022-06-275 daysOnlineiOS 14/15 Kernel Exploitation Training
2022-07-185 daysOnlineiOS and MacOS Userspace Fuzzing Training

Are you interested?

If you require more information on a specific date or about registration, please write us an email. If you have questions about our training offers or if you are looking for private training courses, then please use our contact form or write an email to training@antid0te.com.